No Title When I finaly take it upon myself to write, this is what happens!!!

Checking Out Jekyll

When I first saw the project Jekyll, the concept of generating static files form dynamic templates, and then displaying them instead of rendering templates each time seemed awesome and correct.But more than anything else it was the geekiness of it that attracted me the most. Here I am sitting in front of Emacs a typing this post, where if in another platform, I world have had to do it on some weird web-interface.

So I started creating my site in Jekyll, but soon I found that some thing was missing. Now I had to manually do all the styling, where in another platform, it could be handed over to a theme. But I did put a serious effort in trying to create my own style, and css files, but soon found that I had little taste and even less patientance for it.

At this point one day I was reading a blog, on some site and suddenly thought that the blog looked nice. A looking around to find on what blog engine it was built on lead me to With in a few minutes I was sure this was exactly what I was looking for.

Octopress has a simple but beautiful theaming system.With considerable selection. Octopress works with Jekyll, to create static pages, but also acts as a simplifying wrapper on Jekyll. So I started immediately, to setup the site in octopress,